PimpMyNews CEO Speaking at Cincinnati Social Media Breakfast

I was thoroughly bummed to read this in my morning Google Alert:

“PimpMyNews is a new, free service allowing you to hear the latest news from your personally selected mix of news sources and blogs. Anyone with an MP3 player and Internet access can use it. CEO John Atkinson will be speaking at the next Cincinnati Social Media Breakfast* so we did a quick Q&A with him to give some background on the event’s special guest.”

PimpMyNews CEO Speaking at Cincinnati Social Media Breakfast.

Why? ‘Cuz I want to go to the breakfast, but, alas, it’s a sell-out (it’s also the second one…geez I’m late). But I put myself on the waiting list by commenting at the above post. You ought to, too. Maybe we can petition for a larger venue?






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  1. carla franke Avatar
    carla franke

    Let me see if I can pull some strings for you…

  2. Kevin Dugan Avatar

    Joe – Per my email, we have you down for the event and have made room for you. We appreicate the interest. John Atkinson sent me a note alerting me to the issue.

    We investigated a bigger venue when the event sold out in less than 24 hours. But we were concerned the size would not promote a more interactive conversation with everyone in attendance.

    Looking forward to seeing you on Tuesday.

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