CityBeat column: Poor WAIF-FM

This week’s CityBeat column tackles an old, but still somewhat existent (though I’m just so tired from all the corruption), concern of mine, WAIF-FM.

I quite literally fell in love with the place in 2005, when a friend asked me if I wanted to apply for a summer program. The Brian and Joe Radio Show, full of local talk and news, aired for 10 glorious weeks. It won an award for best summer show and confirmed a dream I’d had since childhood to host my own radio show. It was a blast.

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I tried my darndest with the place, but got nowhere fast.






3 responses to “CityBeat column: Poor WAIF-FM”

  1. Bill Spry Avatar

    I am sorry to hear about all of the troubles of that station. We’d give anything to have that signal!

    In the meantime, anyone who wishes to contribute to WMWX we would love to hear your ideas. We are a wonderful family of volunteers and love serving our listeners and communities.

    You can contact me directly at [email protected]

    Warm Regards,

    Bill Spry
    President & GM
    ClassX Radio

  2. Thomas Avatar

    Just curious if you had any further issues with WAIF. Going through a few problems with them now, like censorship and hostility. Any info would be appreciated.


  3. Joe Wessels Avatar


    No, I never had any further issues with them because I left. They won – and drove me out.

    The situation there was crazy – and designed to be that way. It’s a sad, sad situation up there.

    I’m sorry to hear you’re having similar problems. Hopefully they’ve worked themselves out by now.


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