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The aftermath: St. Paulus Kirche in Over-the-Rhine

The aftermath

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Remains of St Paulus Kirche’s steeple at 15th and Race streets after high winds from Hurricane Ike tore through Cincinnati Sunday wreaking damage all over the area. Few were spared some sort of heartache.

CityKin has some nice photographs of the steeple prior to Sunday’s damage.

In my archive I could only find one photo – from March’s other Weird Weather Event of 2008: the 10-inches + of snow – that showed the steeple in recent times.

An employee of an excavating company who said they have an on-call contract with the city of Cincinnati told me the plans are to remove the remaining top of the steeple (the wooden part), any flashing and possibly some masonry if it is deemed unstable. Another big loss for our struggling community.

Meanwhile, Race Street south of Liberty Street to 14th Street remains closed from a fallen utility pole.

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