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Cab needers/wanters rejoice: Cincinnati has found an answer (I hope)

Big crowds, great wine at the Bacchanalian winter wine tasting at Tower Place Mall
Big crowds, great wine at the Bacchanalian winter wine tasting at Tower Place Mall

The number one complaint I get from newcomers to Cincinnati – especially those who recently called a bigger town home – is finding a taxicab here is next to impossible.

At a forum for young professionals about two years ago inside Cincinnati City Hall, the issue was raised with Mayor Mark Mallory. He told the audience about the numerous taxi stands around downtown – most near major hotels – but that left some in the audience still dissatisfied. Being near hotels is good for hotel guests, but not so good for locals who just had too many Hudepohls to keep down or drive safely.

Wander up to Main Street or party along 7th Street, and finding a cab when you stumble out onto the sidewalk is harder than finding a White Castle, a big bottle of water, about four aspirin, a comfy bed and an emesis basin.

Ah, but some folks working to improve Cincinnati have created a solution, I hope. Introducing “Fetch,” the easy way to call a cab in da ‘Nati.

“Forget re-dialing or waiting on hold when you need a cab. When you need a ride, Fetch delivers one number that promises to route your call to the first available cab company in Cincinnati.

Better yet, you can trust that your voice will be heard via an online community forum where you can be an active part of improving cab service in Cincinnati.”

Cincinnati Taxi Service » Fetch.

Just call (513) 35-FETCH or (513) 353-3824 to get a cab.

The service will preview at this Thursday’s Bacchanalian Society wine tasting on Fountain Square (the first such event outdoors). So, come down for some wine, have a few sips then grab yourself a ride to…home, White Castle – wherever. Oh, and be sure to RSVP ahead of time to save $5 on registration and to guarantee admission. These events typically sell out with each event attracting between 700 and 1,000 people, sometimes more.

So, great job Fetch folks. I love the idea!

(I would make one suggestion to the folks involved with “Fetch.” Put the phone number both in the nifty alphanumeric version and the numeric version in the text of the Web site somewhere. A quick site search of Google (http://tinyurl.com/6cazy2) shows that the Web site has not turned up in Google. That can be a big problem if you want the service utilized. Besides missing out on Google, all those computers users who are sight-impaired will never be able to get the phone number. And they might be the ones who could benefit most from this new service. A mobile Web version would be excellent as well.)


  1. In other cities, the cabs you describe are called car service. Real cabs are always hailed on the street. I’ve never done the late-night-stumbling-drunk thing to which you refer but, the few times that I have called car service here, I’ve either been told that they won’t service my address, or the car has simply never shown up. It’s a different sort of frustration; this new service definitely sounds handy.

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