Emery Theater writes a letter to Santa

After finally getting to see the inside of Cincinnati’s Emery Theater in the Over-the-Rhine, I know exactly what everyone has been talking about. It’s beautiful. I took photos, but I think my failing memory card ate them. You’ll have to trust me on this one. That’s why I think Santa should really, really take a long look at this letter.

Dear Santa,

So many venues needs so much more than I. Some are asking for tens of millions of dollars, and I wish them total success. I consider it a gift simply to operate in the company of other wonderful arts organizations and performance venues.

Nonetheless, things would be much better if I had working toilets. All I want for Christmas is a friendly, philanthropic plumber or two who can restore service in the existing toilets. 720 people came and enjoyed the Cincinnati Entertainment Awards for Music last month even though I could not offer heat or working restrooms. It was a terrific night that filled my hall with music and camaraderie. Mrs. Emery would have loved it! But she would have insisted on working “amenities”!

Thanks for passing along the word to your extended network of friend, elves and tradesmen of all kinds to find just the right plumbing partner who can give my old pipes a good flushing. I can be reached at (513) 421-9453 or [email protected] Just ask for Emery. Thank you.

May your holidays be merry and bright,

Emery Theatre





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