Go, go Garry

Brian Garry, as his Web site says, really kisses babies

Oh, brother. Here comes the onslaught of those who want to be John Cranley’s Cincinnati City Council replacement. First up, and coming in third (if the Enquirer’s article this morning is any indication) and making a run down the home stretch, Mr. Brian Garry…

He just sent out this press release:

Community Organizer, lifelong Democrat, Brian Garry will seek City Council seat.

Cincinnati- Brian Garry, a longtime voice in Cincinnati Democratic politics, will seek to replace John Cranley on Cincinnati City Council, his campaign announced today.

Garry, who ran a strong council campaign in 2007, believes he has the ability to hold the seat for Democrats this November.

“I’ve run for Council before, and I know what it takes to win. Building from my 2007 campaign will allow me to not only have the resources to retain this seat, but also the man power it takes to get out the vote,” Brian said of his credentials for the seat.

Garry, who was born and raised in Cincinnati, feels he has the ability to change things on Cincinnati City Council, while also continuing the impressive work that John Cranley has done.

“John has done a great job on council, and I commend his commitment to service. I believe that I can continue his work, while also looking at how we can take new approaches to the problems our city faces.”

Garry will look to meet with Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Tim Burke, as well as several other prominent Democrats in the coming days to actively seek their support.

“I look forward to meeting with our party’s leadership, as well as Councilman Cranley, to discuss my interest in this appointment. There will undoubtedly be other candidates seeking this seat, and I know that the party will conduct a fair and open screening process. I believe that when that process is complete, it will be clear that I am best suited to continue the work of the people of Cincinnati.”

Garry began his 2009 run for City Council in late November of 2008, hoping to get an early head start on the field.

Prompting this public appeal? Garry wants a seat on Council really, really bad and I think many Democrats really, really do not want him to have one. Will this public pronouncement tactic work? I predict backfire.





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