How I slept last night in 35 seconds

The last two nights previous to last night I awoke in the morning with a horrendous headache. I am a little concerned and think maybe I ought to talk to my doctor about it. However, going to the doctor and telling him that I don’t think I slept right would not exactly have the corrective results I went looking for. Afterall, I was sleeping. I don’t know what I am doing or not doing. Only you – the other people of the world – know, or could know. Or whatever. Until now…

Thanks to modern technology and a nifty laptop with a video capture feature I have not, until now, ever utilized I can bring you about four hours of my sleep (until I awoke at 3 a.m. briefly and turned off the computer) in 35 seconds through time lapse photography.

(Note: There is a little moving the computer around and set-up at the beginning.)

I don’t think I look like I’m sleeping to shabbily, other than turning a bit and not being covered up part of the time. And I woke up this morning feeling just fine. I think I might try this again tonight, but this time record the whole night.





4 responses to “How I slept last night in 35 seconds”

  1. Shawn Baker Avatar
    Shawn Baker

    Joe, I really hope you dont always sleep with the light on!

  2. Joe Wessels Avatar

    Of course not. Just this time so the camera could see me… I used an eye shade thingy for part of the night, but apparently ripped it off at some point…

  3. Heather Avatar

    Wow – I know way too much about you.

  4. AnotherGuy Avatar

    Definitely a bit strange watching you sleep. However, I find a curiousness growing inside of me to record the same thing of myself. 😛

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