Alice, the fine arts volunteer

Alice, the fine arts volunteer

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Alice was the No. 1 volunteer for arts events in Cincinnati.

If you ever went to a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concert, Cincinnati Ballet or Cincinnati Opera performance or volunteered in any way with the local performing arts, you probably saw or met Alice.

She was a gem, one that occasionally poked you in the flesh, but one you admired and loved nonetheless. I adored her spirit.

About a year ago I had discussed with folks at the Symphony about doing a profile of her for the Post. Then, the paper closed before I got around to it. And I thought all along she would make a great feature in my CityBeat column. So, I e-mailed Greg at the Symphony a few days ago to inquire again how I might reach her.

It is amazing what is missed when one is off doing other things. She died a few months ago.





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