California in Cincinnati is green

California in Cincinnati is green

At the California Nature Preserve in the Cincinnati neighborhood of California, they have one of the only “green” paved parking lots in
the region.

Ever since I returned from Germany last November I have been interested in what it would take to get more of this type of pavement here (over traditional asphalt or concrete). In Germany they are everywhere, not being just aesthetically more pleasing than the alternative, but it also allows rain run-off to seep into the ground (guess it’s not really run-off then, is it?).

Just one of the many ways to improve the local environment…







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  1. aryl Avatar

    run off water is still combined with waste water and processed via our water treatment plants in cincinnati. i was informed yesterday that even with a rain barrel to collect the run-off from my roof that there is still a law on the books, (omg hold your breath) that says that i have to have a plan for the run off from my barrel or I am breaking the law. old laws are so silly, but keep the system going i guess. “food for thought”

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