Guess what Taco Bell sells?

people in Newport were confused as to what Taco Bell sold so they clarified.

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Taco Bell, according to this sign spotted in Newport, Kentucky, claims that they sell “tacos.” Which means that the popular restaurant chain – that does not sell anything remotely like real Mexican food (well, maybe “remotely”) – should be called “Tacos Bell?”





2 responses to “Guess what Taco Bell sells?”

  1. Margo Rose Avatar
    Margo Rose

    More like Taco Hell! Taco Bell is guilty of poor position marketing. Often, the perception is that they sell everything but Tacos. Your observation is cogent and spot on! Taco’s Spell? Could it be they cast a spell on America and that is why they sell, sell, sell? Or, could it be they put something addictive in their food that keeps people craving more? Things that make me go, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? Good one Joe.

  2. Travis Avatar

    I promptly went in and demanded a burrito.

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