Shadowhare’s real name revealed

A Cincinnati police officer has revealed local super hero as none other than “Cleveland Cummins.”

Information apparently revealed during conversation with the regular-citizen-turned-crime fighter.

Unknown residence, age or other pertitent vital information.

Will update as new information becomes available.



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6 responses to “Shadowhare’s real name revealed”

  1. […] apparently it didn’t take too long for Cleveland Cummins to get outed by local police. […]

  2. Quimbob Avatar

    This info will make it a lot easier for the guy who dislocated his shoulder to hunt ShadowHare down, finish the job & go back to beating the crap out of his old lady without interference.

  3. Not Cool Dude Avatar
    Not Cool Dude

    Dude…give the guy a break… he wants to keep his identity a secret…even if the reason for it is bullshit, atleast respect the guy’s will for annonymity.

    Do you realize how much shit he will have to take from people on the streets if people ever find out what he looks like?

    I say, you’re ruining the guy’s life here…do him, and all the people who feel for him, a favor…and don’t make his life any harder than it is right now.

    I know you don’t mean harm…but… give the guy a break.

  4. TinyTerror Avatar

    Would you look at that? I’m guessing you’re a reporter…Correct? I’m guessing that your body of work isn’t so impressive that you couldn’t pass up on being the “first” to release Shadow Hare’s identity to the public.

    If I’m wrong thus far, please…Correct my grievous error.

    My name, mon amie, is Tiny Terror and in case you were wondering, I am deeply embroiled in the perpetual drama that is the RLSH community. Think of me as one of those who “watch the watchmen”, so to speak. A common citizen under the most noble and reviled title of super-villain.

    I would suggest, Mr. Wessels, that you remove this information at once. You, as some sort of…pimp for the mass media…should understand that it’s quite inhumane of you to release such information. And to follow it up with the fact that you lack other information? Poor taste and bad journalism.

    You must be an amateur, I take it?

  5. docturlough Avatar

    Just like all great super heroes. His first and last name begin with the same letter.
    Peter Parker
    Reed Richards
    Bruce Banner
    Cleveland Cummings

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