Group One’s construction project – and overall class winner

Group One’s construction project – and overall class winner

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This was kind of a big deal to me.

It might not exactly be the making of news, blog news or anything similar. But this was cool to me. This may seem a little uninteresting, but I am going to post it anyway. Blogs, almost exclusively and inherently, are notorious for their boring, drab content – Report This! being the dramatic exception. Not today.

I am back in school, finishing my undergraduate degree in psychology at the University of Cincinnati. The first meeting on Tuesday of an evening class, Psychology of Professional Life, included a team-building project that including building what you see in the photo. The group chose me as the project leader.

I don’t want to give what we were asked to do away totally (assuming Dr. Peteet might want to do this again in future classes), but suffice it to say that we won the class competition with this contraption. And I think I am going to like this class a lot.

[Note: I have lots of thoughts about returning to school. Lots. I hope to get an opportunity to write about that soon. Right now, though, I am busy. Super busy.]







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