A Wedding and A Fire

A Wedding and A Fire

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I took this photo nearly a month ago but at the time my blog wasn’t working property – thanks to some nasty hosting issues (the worst I have ever experienced… and should blog about to help others avoid). So, I’m getting around to this a little later than I would like. I did Tweet about this a bit at the time.

Here’s what happened: I was sitting in my office and hearing sirens on a sunny Saturday afternoon. After about five minutes of hearing siren after siren, I figured something was going on, so I grabbed my camera, a notebook and headed out to see what was causing the commotion.

What I found was Saint Xavier Church in downtown Cincinnati had a little fire in it that caused the fire alarm to go off – during a wedding. Father Eric Knapp, pastor at St. X, told me that firefighters told him that there was some smoke in the upper floor of the church, but it didn’t appear serious.

The couple was a little shaken up (specifically the bride), but she was able to tell me that the wedding ceremony finished before the church was evacuated. So she and her husband were able to get hitched before the wedding party and the wedding’s attendees were forced out into the street.

Here Firefighter Will Jones from Squad 14 talks with the father of the bride, the bride, Elizabeth, and the groom, Sean. The bride also got to sit inside the firetruck, thanks to Jones’ generosity.

Shortly afterward, the wedding party got into a limousine, headed for the reception. And the church didn’t burn down.







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  1. Theresa E. Avatar

    Talk about wedding memories! Haha…at least they got hitched before all hell broke loose 🙂

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