Queen City Discovery: The Clifton Friars Club

As my previous post said, I have an interest in discovering unknown parts of Cincinnati.

So, this morning I was happy to see Queen City Discovery’s post exploring the demolition site of The Cincinnati Friar’s Club in Clifton Clifton Heights.

“…the Cincinnati Friars club dated back to 1860 and serves as an organization that provides outreach to disadvantaged children through physical activity. The club relocated and abandoned this structure in 2006. Demolition had just begun earlier that week as “Cincinnati’s 8th Precinct” began climbing over the rubble into what remained of the Friars Club.

via Queen City Discovery: The Clifton Friars Club.

There are some great photos on their site. Click over and check it out.

(NOTE: There are a couple references in the blog post that make no sense to me. “Cincinnati’s 8th Precinct” would one. Is this an inside joke? A reference to themselves or the Friar’s Club as a place for troubled children? I have no idea. Would be nice if the author(s) cleared that and a few other things up.)






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  1. Gordon Bombay Avatar

    Hi there Joe. Thanks for the link and shout out on your website. I truly appreciate it. Glad you liked the photographs. Just to clear up those references… the 8th precinct is the nickname for the group of guys I travel around and explore with. On the 1990’s sitcom Family Matters, the main character Carl Winslow worked in Chicago’s 8th Precinct. As a joke, we call ourselves the 8th precinct. If you read the site regularly, we make reference to it more often. I do realize its a little confusing though, sorry about that. What other references didn’t make sense? I’ll try to clear them up.


    – Gordon

  2. Joe Wessels Avatar


    I think my main other complaint was one of concision. I know where the Friar’s Club is located, but does everyone? Who is The Boy Scout? Why are they tearing it down? Is the Friar’s Club still in existence – you say the moved and refer to them in the past tense.

    None of these are huge deals, I guess. I just was left with wanting to know more. I’m a journalist, so “picky” might be a way to describe me.

    Thanks for replying. Glad you liked the post.

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