Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-03

  • I derive tremendous inspiration, plus substantial knowledge, from tech guru @leolaporte Great profile in LA Times: #
  • Tomorrow begins my stint on Hamilton County jury duty. If all goes well, I will get a trial w/ intrigue, mystery. Or, better, nothing at all #
  • Not one for food cravings, but for some reason want a Chilito right now, but don't feel like driving to Minnesota #
  • The Hamilton County Courthouse security model-of-efficiency. Two lines, full of angry, discontented people. #
  • The courthouse coffee tastes like it has soy sauce in it. #
  • Jury duty continues in the "jury quiet room," where I am holding out for the Rod Blagojevich re-trial and pretending to get work done. #
  • Free to go! Yea. #
  • synced their Myspace account to Twitter #
  • synced their Myspace account to Facebook #
  • Six games! #
  • I have been spared again. Free to go home – and no jury trial for Joey! #
  • I'm at Mercantile Library in Cincinnati, OH #
  • 7 Games!! #
  • Twenty years. It's time. Let's do it! #reds #
  • I wonder if it's too late to get hired on as a vendor at GABP? It's been 20 years since I last did it. I want my old job back. #reds #
  • I'm in a bar in Cheviot. #
  • Reminded, once again, the world is small. And the guy having a beer with me lived my elementary school dream for me 15 years later. Wow. #
  • iPhone 4 issues persist. Proximity sensor not working, attenuation fixed – but bumper needed. Boxy, hollow to callers. 9 days to return it. #
  • Because of Obama, I am getting one of these Tea Party t-shirts. #
  • I ate the eight that ate eight eight eight ate eight my ate eight a Cardinals ate eight games. Glenn Beck ate eight the eight curse. #reds #
  • Two unidentified flying objects seen over Harrison and Rybolt. Appears to be flying burning trash. Very odd. #
  • I wonder what Josh Spring of the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coal is trying to accomplish. I agree with mission but question his tactics. #
  • Importing Michael Jackson's Ultimate Collection 4-disc set into iTunes. Virus-free, peer-to-peer networking, courtesy of my local library. #
  • This is only funny 'cuz no one was hurt. Another example, that together we can do more than any one person alone. #
  • Spellcheck is socialism. #
  • Yee-haw! @ABC: Breaking: Another Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf, Crew OK, Spill Uncertain #
  • Wonderful. Now I need a notary. #
  • A little nauseous. #
  • I'm a walking karmic disaster today. I'd stay at least 50 feet away until further notice. #
  • I need a spokes model. Someone to talk into a video camera for @CinDaily and has some newsy-type background and/or interest. #
  • For those keeping track: Not required to report for jury duty Wed or Thurs. No jury trials start on Friday. Monday=holiday. Maybe Tuesday? #
  • Spoke with one of my favorite people in the whole world. Met her 8 years ago, messing around. Where'd we meet? True story. #

Author: Joe Wessels

Joe Wessels is a freelance journalist and photographer. Wessels covers local news events for Thomson Reuters news service and features for's Cincinnati Guide site, plus is the executive director of hyperlocal news site, He wrote for The Cincinnati Post, covering Cincinnati City Hall and Hamilton County government and wrote a weekly political column, which continued weekly at Cincinnati CityBeat. Previously, he was a reporter for the Cincinnati Business Courier and writes or has written for several publications in Cincinnati and around the country including The Cincinnati Enquirer, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Cincinnati Magazine, Cincy Magazine and the Sacramento News & Review. He is a native of Colerain Township, one of Cincinnati's western suburbs, and now lives in Over-the-Rhine near downtown Cincinnati. He has a Bachelor of Arts degree in psychology and a journalism writing certificate from the University of Cincinnati. He also graduated from Colerain High School, is an avid photographer, news junkie and was once a roller rink disc jockey, and sometimes rides a scooter around town.

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