Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-03

  • I derive tremendous inspiration, plus substantial knowledge, from tech guru @leolaporte Great profile in LA Times: #
  • Tomorrow begins my stint on Hamilton County jury duty. If all goes well, I will get a trial w/ intrigue, mystery. Or, better, nothing at all #
  • Not one for food cravings, but for some reason want a Chilito right now, but don't feel like driving to Minnesota #
  • The Hamilton County Courthouse security model-of-efficiency. Two lines, full of angry, discontented people. #
  • The courthouse coffee tastes like it has soy sauce in it. #
  • Jury duty continues in the "jury quiet room," where I am holding out for the Rod Blagojevich re-trial and pretending to get work done. #
  • Free to go! Yea. #
  • synced their Myspace account to Twitter #
  • synced their Myspace account to Facebook #
  • Six games! #
  • I have been spared again. Free to go home – and no jury trial for Joey! #
  • I'm at Mercantile Library in Cincinnati, OH #
  • 7 Games!! #
  • Twenty years. It's time. Let's do it! #reds #
  • I wonder if it's too late to get hired on as a vendor at GABP? It's been 20 years since I last did it. I want my old job back. #reds #
  • I'm in a bar in Cheviot. #
  • Reminded, once again, the world is small. And the guy having a beer with me lived my elementary school dream for me 15 years later. Wow. #
  • iPhone 4 issues persist. Proximity sensor not working, attenuation fixed – but bumper needed. Boxy, hollow to callers. 9 days to return it. #
  • Because of Obama, I am getting one of these Tea Party t-shirts. #
  • I ate the eight that ate eight eight eight ate eight my ate eight a Cardinals ate eight games. Glenn Beck ate eight the eight curse. #reds #
  • Two unidentified flying objects seen over Harrison and Rybolt. Appears to be flying burning trash. Very odd. #
  • I wonder what Josh Spring of the Greater Cincinnati Homeless Coal is trying to accomplish. I agree with mission but question his tactics. #
  • Importing Michael Jackson's Ultimate Collection 4-disc set into iTunes. Virus-free, peer-to-peer networking, courtesy of my local library. #
  • This is only funny 'cuz no one was hurt. Another example, that together we can do more than any one person alone. #
  • Spellcheck is socialism. #
  • Yee-haw! @ABC: Breaking: Another Oil Rig Explodes in Gulf, Crew OK, Spill Uncertain #
  • Wonderful. Now I need a notary. #
  • A little nauseous. #
  • I'm a walking karmic disaster today. I'd stay at least 50 feet away until further notice. #
  • I need a spokes model. Someone to talk into a video camera for @CinDaily and has some newsy-type background and/or interest. #
  • For those keeping track: Not required to report for jury duty Wed or Thurs. No jury trials start on Friday. Monday=holiday. Maybe Tuesday? #
  • Spoke with one of my favorite people in the whole world. Met her 8 years ago, messing around. Where'd we meet? True story. #







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