Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-10

  • Had a very nice evening out at the Zaenkert family farm today. They're my cousins. So many mud- and manure-filled childhood memories there. #
  • I just ousted Archie B. as the mayor of Archie Bunker's Place. #
  • Just watched "(500) Days of Summer." Beautiful movie. #
  • Greg Brady #
  • I'm about to ride The Beast. That's another thing one does in Cincinnati – like have a 3-way – that seems lewd but actually is not at all. #
  • To all those moms-in-waiting across America out there about to give birth…I imagine this day has a slightly different meaning for you… #
  • Getting together with a great group of current and retired newspaper photographers? Well, a fantastic way to wrap up a great holiday weekend #
  • Back to the courthouse today. Fun. #
  • "The joy of rubbernecking" also known as "deriving pleasure from the misery of others." #
  • Mr. Typer-Man sitting next to me: Slow down. No need to type so hard and loud. Manual typewriters died and so did the need to bang so hard. #
  • Never trust a computer you can't lift. #
  • Little hint: Podcasting and e-mail newsletters are NOT examples of social media. I continue to be mystified… #
  • Today's Ivorydale smell of the day: rotting corpse. #
  • Out here in the suburbs, the graffiti artists are so much nicer… #
  • iOS 4.1 was my idea. #
  • So, experiencing my first Mac dilemma. Software for my aging film scanner is in a Stuffit file. Anyone have Stuffit Expander? Help, please. #
  • Feeling a bit like a commodity. #
  • Had a great time at Neon's with @LivingInGin @librariangrrl @kate_the_great @shawnbaker @buildingcincy @caseyc @jakemecklenborg #
  • Decided Sunday I'm doing 1) Gateway Qtr tour, then the Brewery District tour at 3. Anyone else in? Now, if the Brewery site would work… #
  • Headed to Austin, Texas later this month mainly to go to this: Renewable Energy Roundup & Green Living Fair. Fun! #
  • I screwed up. Brewery Tour is next weekend. Gateway tour this weekend: Geez, I hope I didn't get anyone started on wrong planning pathway… #
  • I'm attending Covering the World in a Dangerous Age — #
  • Not a big sports fan, but at a HS soccer game and forgot how bad high school referees can really be. #
  • I have just been tipped off that there is a new, great Mexican restaurant in town. In Brookville. Now I wanna go. Who is in? #
  • Have to remember that as people age and they say things that hurt and don't remember stuff, that they aren't the same person they were… #
  • … and that really sucks… #







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