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Twitter Weekly Updates for 2010-09-17

  • Chapman = insane. Really fun to see in person. #reds #
  • Juan Francisco? One of my favorite places in the whole world! #reds #
  • Going to the ballpark still reminds me of Joe Nuxhall. Can't help it. Miss that voice. #reds #
  • Stealth bomber or some other type of fighter jet flying over Cincinnati. #
  • Nonprofit news site hiring in San Diego: INVESTIGATIVE REPORTER http://bit.ly/bmEzps #
  • Apparently I have an infected nose. Like a clogged pore or something. And now my nose has begun to take on a peculiar shape. #
  • 33 1/2 #
  • http://www.streetpianos.com/cincinnati2010/ #
  • Thanks, Pete. Took you long enough, but thank you. For yourself, your family and the fans. Rose apologizes, sobs http://oncincy.com/aZ29sy #
  • Ah, yes. I remember the Bengals. Especially *these* Bengals. My gawd. #bengals #
  • Apple Pages for iPad just took my resume, I revised it and now it won't give it back to me. Bugger. #
  • I have pleaded for folks to recognize this for a long time: the press release is dead, dead, dead. More in Ad Age: http://oncincy.com/9OneZz #
  • This iPhone 4 is proving to be a hassle. Proximity sensor – still not working. Now, it just shut down and said "Temperature too high." #
  • Tonight it will be a doctor, a lawyer, the first-place Cincinnati Reds and… me. #
  • Flakey day. Good night. #
  • Tropical Storm Julia will become a hurricane, a prediction from the Joe Wessels Hurricane Watch Center. Up next, Tropical Storm Karl Rove. #
  • Google Scribe, an expert in helping writers write blander, is perfect for completing reports, where blah is fine. Even preferred. #
  • RT @cweiser: Schmidt: parades u hear 'stop the spending in washington' & 'I need a job' #ohel Also, "why didn't you let the economy die?" #
  • Beautiful night to sit on a wall, stare at the city. Pondering: Our private thoughts don't really exist anymore. Weird if you don't share? #
  • My 5-year-old niece was ripping on me tonight.: "You're not married, you don't have children and your girlfriend and you broke up." Uh, OK. #

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