Best Cincinnati hairdos

I keep seeing that commercial for the law firm of Elk and Elk. I don’t know what they specialize in professionally (probably personal injury), but I do know they specialize in bad comb-overs and odd haircuts. That is completely obvious.

How can anyone take them seriously? They stare sternly at the camera… and I want to chuckle.

Who else in Cincinnati has bad hair? Post your nominations in the comments section.





5 responses to “Best Cincinnati hairdos”

  1. Joe Kikta Avatar

    Ken Broo should always be a nominee. Is there a Lifetime Achievement Award?

  2. Butch Gibson Avatar

    No real nominations, but I thought the same thing about that commercial.

    Sidebar: I keep stumbling over your name thinking that you’re an old co-worker Joe Wassel. Anyway, keep up the good work!

  3. Julie Carr Avatar
    Julie Carr

    I think sometimes that the one guy was seriously injured by a bad barber! I wonder if he sued? Lol! I always chuckle at that commercial, too, because the gravity of the cases they handle is disrupted by the Shemp-like hairdo. It’s OK to be bald, guys. Really, it is.

  4. K. Avatar

    I though these two were Cleveland lawyers as I see them on our local TV station as well. For the money they’re making he could afford hair plugs.

  5. Terri Armstrong Avatar

    I can’t even listen to commercial once it’s on,too fixated on the hair!

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