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  • Taming the mighty Mill Creek

    Tomorrow I embark on an adventure few in this area would ever consider doing – canoeing down the Mill Creek. It won’t be my first time. The last time was May 1, 2007 when we left from Spring Grove Avenue and got out near the Ohio River – in utter filth. What I learned on…

  • Queen City Discovery: The Clifton Friars Club

    As my previous post said, I have an interest in discovering unknown parts of Cincinnati. So, this morning I was happy to see Queen City Discovery’s post exploring the demolition site of The Cincinnati Friar’s Club in Clifton Clifton Heights. “…the Cincinnati Friars club dated back to 1860 and serves as an organization that provides outreach…

  • Guy attempts to re-claim bike that he thought was his – while it’s on bus bike rack

    A man who thought he was re-claiming his stolen bike off a bus rack was told by a bus rider – and the bike’s real owner – he might want to re-think his action. This all happened while I was riding a bus downtown from the University of Cincinnati: While a Cincinnati Metro bus was…

  • Parking enforcement officer writes ticket for after 8 – before 8

    Just watched as a neighbor of mine got a ticket for parking in an after-8 a.m. truck loading zone along Perry Street in downtown Cincinnati (even though this alley hasn’t been used for loading trucks in probably 30 years). Only problem was it wasn’t after 8 a.m. – even when the officer handed the neighbor…

  • Shadowhare’s real name revealed

    A Cincinnati police officer has revealed local super hero as none other than “Cleveland Cummins.” Information apparently revealed during conversation with the regular-citizen-turned-crime fighter. Unknown residence, age or other pertitent vital information. Will update as new information becomes available.

  • Beautiful evening on Fountain Square

    Beautiful evening on Fountain Square Originally uploaded by hjoew Great weather in Cincinnati… Cubs in town and the center city is hopping.

  • Cincinnati superhero Shadowhare makes downtown apprehension

    Local Cincinnati super hero Shadowhare and his sidekick Silver Moon were seen downtown recently in Piatt Park making an apprehension. Using his 20,000-volt stun ray, he shocked me – yes, me – into submission. I have no further comment at this time.

  • Cincinnati skyline from Chez Nora

  • Cincinnati census office opening to be a grand spectacle

    Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and Hamilton County Commission President David Pepper are celebrating the opening of the 2010 U.S. Census Cincinnati office with an amazing amount of fanfare. Here’s the “Who” part of the press release sent out this morning. Note that the regulars are at the beginning, added by an ever-increasing amount of, well,…

  • Nixon tree infested with bugs

    Nixon tree infested with bugs Originally uploaded by hjoew In Memorial Grove at Cincinnati’s Eden Park there are trees planted in honor of each President of the United States after they leave office. The tree honoring President Richard M. Nixon had to be chopped down recently after, ironically, it was infested with bugs. Two exceptions…