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  • Miscommunication

    In my CityBeat column this week, I get a litte perturbed by the fact that there is a police officer sitting a local hospital recovering from, what it appears, could have been a preventable accident during a recent police chase. While Gehring sits in a hospital recuperating slowly but surely, we should take his injuries…

  • CityBeat column: Let the Segways roll unimpeded

    I wrote my column this week in CityBeat about the city’s apparent requirement to tax each Segway that hits a Cincinnati street. Bad, bad idea. I took a Segway of Ohio – Cincinnati tour Sunday with a friend and we both loved it – and learned a bit about the city.

  • CityBeat column: My obsession with social media

    My obsession with social media is rapidly becoming everyone else’s, too. Thanks to Facebook, I re-connected recently with about a dozen of my former classmates. That is what I wrote about in this week’s CityBeat column.