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  • Two reasons why I love fall in Cincinnati (more)

    I love fall here in the Midwest. Here are two examples of why. There are more photos I shot recently in a Flickr set. If you would like to visit either of these places, and I would highly recommend it, here is a quick way to do it. To get to Winton Woods. To learn…

  • Zoo family portait

    Zoo family portait Originally uploaded by hjoew Back at the Cincinnati Zoo, I got a photo taken with some of the family.

  • Right down Main Street

    Right down Main Street Originally uploaded by hjoew Quite a site as a large tractor navigates through downtown Brookville, Indiana, around parked cars and through busy intersections…

  • Best Zoo photo today: Alligator eating baby

    Best Zoo photo today: Alligator eating baby Originally uploaded by hjoew Someone had this already set up when Court and I walked by it at the Cincinnati Zoo.

  • Shadowhare’s real name revealed

    A Cincinnati police officer has revealed local super hero as none other than “Cleveland Cummins.” Information apparently revealed during conversation with the regular-citizen-turned-crime fighter. Unknown residence, age or other pertitent vital information. Will update as new information becomes available.

  • Beautiful evening on Fountain Square

    Beautiful evening on Fountain Square Originally uploaded by hjoew Great weather in Cincinnati… Cubs in town and the center city is hopping.

  • Cincinnati superhero Shadowhare makes downtown apprehension

    Local Cincinnati super hero Shadowhare and his sidekick Silver Moon were seen downtown recently in Piatt Park making an apprehension. Using his 20,000-volt stun ray, he shocked me – yes, me – into submission. I have no further comment at this time.

  • About to be on City Talk Radio

    About to be on City Talk Radio in Cincinnati. 550 AM. We are in studio with Tom, Brandon, Marianne (from – gasp! – Cin Weekly) and Sweets, also known as Courtney. 🙂

  • Free condoms in Northside!

    Schaeper’s Pharmacy, my favorite alternative to chain drug stores (it’s locally-owned), is having their 6th Annual Health Fair until 4 pm today in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood (Chase and Hamilton avenues). Besides health screenings, including vision screenings and body mass index screenings (I don’t wanna know, thank you), they are giving away condoms all afternoon. The…

  • Walking the pig in Ft. Thomas

    Spotted father and son walking their dog – and pet pig – on the streets of Fort Thomas, Kentucky. Eating at Midway Cafe.