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  • Fernald’s magical tranformation

    Wandered Into, what is now called, the Fernald Nature Preserve. I’m here now. They have done a wonderful job transforming an old nuclear weapons processing facillity into a nature preserve and museum. The visitors’ center is the first LEED platinum certified buliding in Ohio. Seems like they are doing their darndest to fix a horrible…

  • Cincinnati skyline from Chez Nora

  • Building Cincinnati drinking in downtown Cincinnati

    Kevin LeMaster, author of the wonderful Building Cincinnati, is drinking on Fountain Square during Cinco de Mayo celebrations.

  • Miscommunication

    In my CityBeat column this week, I get a litte perturbed by the fact that there is a police officer sitting a local hospital recovering from, what it appears, could have been a preventable accident during a recent police chase. While Gehring sits in a hospital recuperating slowly but surely, we should take his injuries…

  • Cheap concessions? Sure, but miss the game.

    Cheap concessions? Sure, but miss the game. Sought out the $1 concession stand at Great American Ball Park during a recent Reds-Pirates game. There they have cheap, yet tiny sized in comparison to other stands, hot dogs, drinks, etc. Great idea. Definitely. But the lines were so long a customer might wait through an inning…

  • California in Cincinnati is green

    California in Cincinnati is green At the California Nature Preserve in the Cincinnati neighborhood of California, they have one of the only “green” paved parking lots in the region. Ever since I returned from Germany last November I have been interested in what it would take to get more of this type of pavement here…

  • CityBeat column: Let the Segways roll unimpeded

    I wrote my column this week in CityBeat about the city’s apparent requirement to tax each Segway that hits a Cincinnati street. Bad, bad idea. I took a Segway of Ohio – Cincinnati tour Sunday with a friend and we both loved it – and learned a bit about the city.

  • Cincinnati census office opening to be a grand spectacle

    Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and Hamilton County Commission President David Pepper are celebrating the opening of the 2010 U.S. Census Cincinnati office with an amazing amount of fanfare. Here’s the “Who” part of the press release sent out this morning. Note that the regulars are at the beginning, added by an ever-increasing amount of, well,…

  • Nixon tree infested with bugs

    Nixon tree infested with bugs Originally uploaded by hjoew In Memorial Grove at Cincinnati’s Eden Park there are trees planted in honor of each President of the United States after they leave office. The tree honoring President Richard M. Nixon had to be chopped down recently after, ironically, it was infested with bugs. Two exceptions…

  • Spring is near

    Spring is near Originally uploaded by hjoew The tree outside my apartment window is about to burst with spring beauty. This makes me very happy.