Alice, the fine arts volunteer

Alice, the fine arts volunteer Originally uploaded by hjoew Alice was the No. 1 volunteer for arts events in Cincinnati. If you ever went to a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concert, Cincinnati Ballet or Cincinnati Opera performance or volunteered in any way with the local performing arts, you probably saw or met Alice. She was a […]

A firefighter’s final sign-off

Lt. Al Piening, whom I’ve only met once briefly, just retired from the Cincinnati Fire Department after 46 years. He spent his last years on the department at the firehouse at Clifton and Ludlow avenues in Clifton. I post this because it brought a tear to my girlfriend Melissa’s eye when she saw and heard […]

Hamilton County Park District — Cincinnati, Ohio

I love the Hamilton County Park District. Having lived in seven different cities in my adult life (and only one as a kid: Cincinnati), I have found that Cincinnati is a pretty good place to live (aside from the climate) thanks to, among many other things, our great city and county park systems. Now, I’ve […]

Switch in Over-the-Rhine’s Gateway Quarter

Switch Originally uploaded by hjoew I’m a nerd for lights. I love ’em and always want to think of new ways to implement them. So, finding Switch, a fairly new lighting and light store in Over-the-Rhine (my first trip back to the old ‘hood since moving east), I was very happy to find this little […]

Emery Theater writes a letter to Santa

After finally getting to see the inside of Cincinnati’s Emery Theater in the Over-the-Rhine, I know exactly what everyone has been talking about. It’s beautiful. I took photos, but I think my failing memory card ate them. You’ll have to trust me on this one. That’s why I think Santa should really, really take a […]

Cab needers/wanters rejoice: Cincinnati has found an answer (I hope)

The number one complaint I get from newcomers to Cincinnati – especially those who recently called a bigger town home – is finding a taxicab here is next to impossible. At a forum for young professionals about two years ago inside Cincinnati City Hall, the issue was raised with Mayor Mark Mallory. He told the […]