Category: Hurricane Ike in Cincinnati

  • The aftermath: St. Paulus Kirche in Over-the-Rhine

    The aftermath Originally uploaded by hjoew Remains of St Paulus Kirche’s steeple at 15th and Race streets after high winds from Hurricane Ike tore through Cincinnati Sunday wreaking damage all over the area. Few were spared some sort of heartache. CityKin has some nice photographs of the steeple prior to Sunday’s damage. In my archive…

  • Tow truck driver waits and watches

    Tow truck driver waits and watches Originally uploaded by hjoew Mark, a tow truck driver with Servizzi Collision, waits for a dispatch near his Mount Washington home while watching another driver turn around on a blocked Mears Avenue in the wake of Sunday’s windstorm. He said he expected to be busy and with power out…

  • Official statement from Cincinnati Fire Department

    Official statement from Cincinnati Fire Department Originally uploaded by hjoew This is Fire Captain, Michael A. Washington reporting two multiple alarm fires in Over-the-Rhine. Today at 3:17 PM the Cincinnati Fire Communications center received a telephone call reporting a structure fire at 1801 Elm Street which is directly across the street from the historical Findley…

  • Grammer’s on fire

    Grammer’s on fire Originally uploaded by hjoew Grammer’s adjacent building – that houses a ratskeller – catches fire in the upper floors.

  • Tarbell frustrated

    Tarbell frustrated Originally uploaded by hjoew Former Cincinnati Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell, who just sold Grammer’s restaurant in late 2007, ran to see the historic landmark on fire in Over-the-Rhine. High winds – remnants of Hurricane Ike that made landfall in Texas Friday – tore through Cincinnati for about four hours Sunday, doing damage all…

  • Tarbell watches Grammer’s burn

    Tarbell watches Grammer’s burn Originally uploaded by hjoew Former Cincinnati Vice Mayor Jim Tarbell was one of the first people on the scene when Grammer’s restaurant on Walnut street in Over-the-Rhine caught fire in high, hurricane-force winds Sunday.

  • Run on gas

    Run on gas Originally uploaded by hjoew Scores of gas stations around the Tri-State are without power and subsequently closed. Ones that are open, like this one at Red Bank Expressway and Madison Road, have long waits – and only have premium grade fuel.

  • Tree over power lines and into street

    Tree over power lines and into street Originally uploaded by hjoew Mount Washington on Mears Ave.

  • Tree into a house

    Tree into a house Originally uploaded by hjoew Anderson Township, near Cincinnati, a tree fell into a house. Salem Road near Bruce Street.

  • Fire near Findlay Market

    Fire near Findlay Originally uploaded by hjoew Multiple buildings on fire. Almost all on north side of market. Debris everywhere.