Photos of Mark Mallory’s Union Terminal Swearing In Ceremony

Tonight I headed over to Union Terminal to see a reenactment of today’s earlier swearing-in ceremony for Cincinnati’s new mayor, Mark Mallory. Filled with much more pomp and circumstance than the day’s traditional Oath of Office ceremonies held this afternoon at City Hall (where also City Council members were sworn in), this was more a […]

Our own little Judith Miller case…

I must give props to local Blogger Brian Griffin for bringing attention once again to an incident in January 2004 where five Cincinnati City Council members voted to subpoena Cincinnati CityBeat contributor Leslie Blade to testify before Council. The Society of Professional Journalists sent a letter to Mayor Charlie Luken and members of Council in […]

Representative democracy: “Hold that thought…”

I’ve noticed something lately. Council members are busy people. And they have odd – even rude – ways of getting out of conversations they don’t want to be in. Sometimes it’s even a little funny. A few nights ago I was sitting with two other reporters – one retired, the other a full-timer – at […]

Second Congressional Results: Moisture caused Clermont County ballots to be delayed

Covering the results for Reuters in the Hackett/Schmidt fight for Ohio’s Second Congressional District Tuesday evening at the Hamilton County Board of Elections turned out to be a later night than most expected. Why? Clermont County couldn’t count their votes. A Cincinnati Enquirer story neglected to mention why the ballots were late, but quoted Hamilton […]

Winburn predicts Pepper and himself in general election

I’m not a political reporter. But covering the Hackett/Schmidt results Tuesday evening for Reuters kind of made me one – for one evening anyway. And the radio show has made me a general assignment reporter on all sorts of beats all summer long. I have to admit that I’ve really enjoyed exploring other areas through […]