Crisis communication comedy

I joined a class this morning on crisis communication for non-profits. There were some good tidbits from the lecture. I was able to get glean some useful information from the talk, and even got the slides from the presentation afterward. Here it is: I mostly like what was said, aside from the “never talk off […]

Enquirer: No Pay For You

Well, this majorly sucks. I can’t believe it is getting as bad as it is getting with no let-up in sight. In a memo distributed today to all non-unionized employees at The Gannet Co., The Enquirer’s parent firm, a top executive announced that workers must take a five-day unpaid furlough from their jobs before the […]

When it comes to giveaways, Dayton Daily cares more about spaghetti than your tax dollars | Esrati

This is pathetic. But, I guess, some consolation that we are not alone in our media misery… The Dayton Daily “news” wasn’t at the Dayton Public Schools school board meeting yesterday when they voted to give an open ended $108,000 PR contract to the Cleveland political consulting group, Burges & Burges. However, the Dayton Daily […]

A firefighter’s final sign-off

Lt. Al Piening, whom I’ve only met once briefly, just retired from the Cincinnati Fire Department after 46 years. He spent his last years on the department at the firehouse at Clifton and Ludlow avenues in Clifton. I post this because it brought a tear to my girlfriend Melissa’s eye when she saw and heard […]

Gannett Blog: Shrink ‘n’ spin: Papers drop sections this week

The Cincinnati Enquirer got a little bit smaller this week. Did anyone notice? Does anyone care? I certainly do – for a lot of reasons. Here’s what Gannett Blog had to say about The Enquirer’s change (and others): Shrink ‘n’ spin: Papers drop sections this week In the latest phase of the current big budget […]

Hamilton drive-in open on Christmas day

One of the coolest things about living in California for two plus years was the abundance of great drive-in movie theaters open year round. The climate supported being outside watching movies next your car listening to the audio through the radio 365 days a year (aside from rainy days, which were few). But in southwestern […]

The aftermath: St. Paulus Kirche in Over-the-Rhine

The aftermath Originally uploaded by hjoew Remains of St Paulus Kirche’s steeple at 15th and Race streets after high winds from Hurricane Ike tore through Cincinnati Sunday wreaking damage all over the area. Few were spared some sort of heartache. CityKin has some nice photographs of the steeple prior to Sunday’s damage. In my archive […]