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  • Some days are like this cookie

    Some days are like this cookie Originally uploaded by hjoew Devouring this does create a sense of temporary relief from the feelings felt prior to eating.

  • Jerry Springer is Satan’s first friend on PC World’s fake Facebook page

    Technology publication “PC World” created a “Facebook page they would like to see” for Satan (the devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer). It’s pretty funny – espeically for local Cincinnatians – who see that former Cincinnati mayor and current talk show host Jerry Springer is Satan’s first friend (or last friend, I suppose – but at the top…

  • Where are Joe and his Dad now?

    Today, along with my Dad, Hermann, I am traveling west to just south of St. Louis (in Illinois) to pick up a car. Right now Pops is in the driver’s seat and I am in the front passenger seat, all teched out, with my mobile broadband card keeping me fully tethered to the online world,…

  • Joe Bundy

    Joe Bundy Originally uploaded by hjoew

  • Zoo family portait

    Zoo family portait Originally uploaded by hjoew Back at the Cincinnati Zoo, I got a photo taken with some of the family.

  • Best Zoo photo today: Alligator eating baby

    Best Zoo photo today: Alligator eating baby Originally uploaded by hjoew Someone had this already set up when Court and I walked by it at the Cincinnati Zoo.

  • Shadowhare’s real name revealed

    A Cincinnati police officer has revealed local super hero as none other than “Cleveland Cummins.” Information apparently revealed during conversation with the regular-citizen-turned-crime fighter. Unknown residence, age or other pertitent vital information. Will update as new information becomes available.

  • Cincinnati superhero Shadowhare makes downtown apprehension

    Local Cincinnati super hero Shadowhare and his sidekick Silver Moon were seen downtown recently in Piatt Park making an apprehension. Using his 20,000-volt stun ray, he shocked me – yes, me – into submission. I have no further comment at this time.

  • Hummers are back! (Bet you’re happy.)

    Hummers are back at the Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve in Groesbeck (Colerain Township, near Cincinnati). This sign is proof why it is always a good idea to run anything written publicly by the sickest, most twisted, perverted minds before releasing it. Otherwise you might get people buying those $5 annual park passes for exactly the wrong…

  • On Segway tour of Cincinnati

    On Segway tour of Cincinnati Originally uploaded by hjoew In Eden Park, Memorial Grove. Great time!