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  • What I said on Twitter today, November 18, 2009

    JoeyWessels: Like when people on Twitter type things like "playing guitar" or "cleaning the house" or "making chili." We all know you are on Twitter. #fb JoeyWessels: Like when people on Twitter type things like “playing guitar” or “cleaning the house” or “making chili.” We all know you are on Twitter. #fb JoeyWessels: @BrentBillock OK.…

  • Two reasons why I love fall in Cincinnati (more)

    I love fall here in the Midwest. Here are two examples of why. There are more photos I shot recently in a Flickr set. If you would like to visit either of these places, and I would highly recommend it, here is a quick way to do it. To get to Winton Woods. To learn…

  • Some days are like this cookie

    Some days are like this cookie Originally uploaded by hjoew Devouring this does create a sense of temporary relief from the feelings felt prior to eating.

  • Dr. Bob Hatfield’s 12 tips for healthy intimate relationships

    Intimate relationships are just plain not easy. Anyone who purports otherwise is either lying, crazy or has never been in one. I’m not married. I’m 35. Have had my share of relationships and have had my share of disappointments – including some big ones lately. Each new meeting with someone starts with so much promise,…

  • Jerry Springer is Satan’s first friend on PC World’s fake Facebook page

    Technology publication “PC World” created a “Facebook page they would like to see” for Satan (the devil, Beelzebub, Lucifer). It’s pretty funny – espeically for local Cincinnatians – who see that former Cincinnati mayor and current talk show host Jerry Springer is Satan’s first friend (or last friend, I suppose – but at the top…

  • Where are Joe and his Dad now?

    Today, along with my Dad, Hermann, I am traveling west to just south of St. Louis (in Illinois) to pick up a car. Right now Pops is in the driver’s seat and I am in the front passenger seat, all teched out, with my mobile broadband card keeping me fully tethered to the online world,…

  • Don McPherson, 1957-2009

    I awoke especially early this morning and began checking friends’ blogs and was shocked awake. Why? I found this very sad news. Don McPherson, whom I had not seen in about four years, passed away a few days ago. Tears stream down my face as I write this. Despite the distance and our friend-of-a-friend friendship,…

  • Joe Bundy

    Joe Bundy Originally uploaded by hjoew

  • Zoo family portait

    Zoo family portait Originally uploaded by hjoew Back at the Cincinnati Zoo, I got a photo taken with some of the family.

  • Missing the evolutionary point

    Missing the evolutionary point Originally uploaded by hjoew Don’t know why this sort of stupidity still intrigues me enough to stop and photograph it. But it does. Typically this church has a different message in either side o their sign. Not this week this one was too good.