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Shadowhare’s real name revealed

A Cincinnati police officer has revealed local super hero as none other than “Cleveland Cummins.” Information apparently revealed during conversation with the regular-citizen-turned-crime fighter. Unknown residence, age or other pertitent vital information. Will update as new information becomes available.

Cincinnati superhero Shadowhare makes downtown apprehension

Local Cincinnati super hero Shadowhare and his sidekick Silver Moon were seen downtown recently in Piatt Park making an apprehension. Using his 20,000-volt stun ray, he shocked me – yes, me – into submission. I have no further comment at this time.

Guess what Taco Bell sells?

people in Newport were confused as to what Taco Bell sold so they clarified. Originally uploaded by revsphynx Taco Bell, according to this sign spotted in Newport, Kentucky, claims that they sell “tacos.” Which means that the popular restaurant chain – that does not sell anything remotely like real Mexican food (well, maybe “remotely”) – […]

Hummers are back! (Bet you’re happy.)

Hummers are back at the Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve in Groesbeck (Colerain Township, near Cincinnati). This sign is proof why it is always a good idea to run anything written publicly by the sickest, most twisted, perverted minds before releasing it. Otherwise you might get people buying those $5 annual park passes for exactly the wrong […]

Cheap concessions? Sure, but miss the game.

Cheap concessions? Sure, but miss the game. Sought out the $1 concession stand at Great American Ball Park during a recent Reds-Pirates game. There they have cheap, yet tiny sized in comparison to other stands, hot dogs, drinks, etc. Great idea. Definitely. But the lines were so long a customer might wait through an inning […]

California in Cincinnati is green

California in Cincinnati is green At the California Nature Preserve in the Cincinnati neighborhood of California, they have one of the only “green” paved parking lots in the region. Ever since I returned from Germany last November I have been interested in what it would take to get more of this type of pavement here […]