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  • I ain’t afraid of no ghosts

    I ain’t afraid of no ghosts Originally uploaded by hjoew UPDATE: Here’s a link to the Ohio Paranormal Exploration Society’s  Web site (which mysteriously does not allow right-clicking).  I have a call into them right now. I can’t wait to learn more… Seen in parking lot in Anderson Township. And I thought all my Twittering…

  • The long waits

    The long waits Originally uploaded by hjoew Long lines at Perfect North spell big money for the Perfect family, who own the Ski and tubing slopes near Cincinnati. But you buy time on the snow, so the more money they make, the less fun we have…

  • The good life

    The good life Originally uploaded by hjoew Kaille gets dragged to the bottom of the snow tubing hill.

  • Wessels-Jansen Family Christmas

    Wessels Family Christmas Originally uploaded by hjoew I hope everyone’s holidays have been as good as mine this year. It’s good to be with family (including a few not expected to be in town this year). Here’s my Dad’s side of the family. A lot of Wessels’ and a few Jansens. We have been getting…

  • My finger wound post-surgery

    My finger wound post-surgery Originally uploaded by hjoew I went in for, what I expected to be, the removal of a cyst. Opening it up it turns out it was a tumor, benign by my doctor’s estimation. I should know for sure this week.

  • JoJo, the wonder puppy

    JoJo, the wonder puppy Originally uploaded by hjoew This is the world’s cutest dog. And I really don’t like dogs much. This is/was Melissa’s dog. She sold her to her sister, but we get to see her a lot. She’s a sweetheart.

  • Gas through the roof

    Gas through the roof Originally uploaded by hjoew Don’t worry. It was $1.98 across the street.

  • Biden speaking now at Union Terminal

    Biden speaking now at Union Terminal Originally uploaded by hjoew Sen. Joe Biden is giving major foreign policy speech at Cincinnati’s Union Terminal right now. Talking about Iraq and Afghanistan and McCain’s failed stances.

  • Obama rally on Fountain Square

    Obama rally on Fountain Square Originally uploaded by hjoew Remarkable moment in American history: Obama’s acceptance speech

  • Mugging for the camera

    DSC_2079 Originally uploaded by hjoew Here, mugging for the camera, is my nearly 4-year-old niece (one of the twins). During a recent big family picnic, I decided to grab some photos of the kids jumping on the trampoline and she gave me a great smile.