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  • Twitter Updates for 2010-08-21

    RT @cincinnatimetro #FF @LitterIsWrong @CleanFuelsOhio @5chw4r7z @Agenda360 @kate_the_great @UnitedWayGC @JoeyWessels @EnjoytheArts @jeridg # As the snow flies, On a cold and gray Sacramento mornin', A poor little baby child is born In The Fremont… # I'm attending IT Martini Hour 12: Head in the Clouds — #

  • Fundraiser tonight at Cincinanti’s O’Malley’s

    Going back to school full-time these past seven months (with just one more to go!) has been a challenge at times. Luckily, I have had a friend (and family) or three or four who have helped me out in one way or another so that I could make ends meet and attend classes. I am…

  • Back to Las Vegas

    Back in the summer of 2001 I worked as an intern at the Las Vegas Review-Journal. I remember at the time not feeling particularly happy about the experience, thinking the editors could have done more to make my experience more educational. It stung a bit at the time. Yesterday I was looking through some archived…

  • A Wedding and A Fire

    A Wedding and A Fire Originally uploaded by hjoew I took this photo nearly a month ago but at the time my blog wasn’t working property – thanks to some nasty hosting issues (the worst I have ever experienced… and should blog about to help others avoid). So, I’m getting around to this a little…

  • Finally. Ross’s Web site is done

    I’ll give you this: Me owning a self-storage facility is not exactly what I envisioned as a child when I thought of professions I might like to pursue. Might seem my destiny was already somewhat sealed when Mom and Dad bought the nearly one-acre sized property in Butler County on the site of the former…

  • My Web site is working again

    After about six weeks of pure hosting hell, I can safely say that I am at a host where I am happy, safe and content. Look for more posts coming soon. I can’t wait.

  • Group One’s construction project – and overall class winner

    Group One’s construction project – and overall class winner Originally uploaded by hjoew This was kind of a big deal to me. It might not exactly be the making of news, blog news or anything similar. But this was cool to me. This may seem a little uninteresting, but I am going to post it…

  • Women’s Pro Volleyball near Kings Island

    Women’s Pro Volleyball near Kings Island Originally uploaded by hjoew Great seats at the AVP pro volleyball tournament in Mason, Ohio across the highway from Kings Island. Thanks to my friend Robin Ahrens for the ticket – in some great front row seats.

  • My meat market

    My meat market Originally uploaded by hjoew Found Wessel’s Meat Market in Illinois. Had to stop and get a photo. They specialize in "Wessels Meats," of which I take great offense.

  • Beautiful evening on Fountain Square

    Beautiful evening on Fountain Square Originally uploaded by hjoew Great weather in Cincinnati… Cubs in town and the center city is hopping.