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Sorry I Missed Your Party: Chocolate Pudding Wrestling Aftermath

For the first time in a long time (well, at least since I moved back to Cincinnati in 2003), I didn’t have my annual holiday party. I moved to Mount Washington in September and generally have been not exactly loving living so far away from downtown. To boot, my apartment has walls and smaller rooms – both a new adjust – which didn’t feel very party-friendly.

My friend Maggie tipped me off to a blog I have been enjoying lately called “Sorry I Missed Your Party,” which takes the best of new media sharing through Flickr and puts a very funny spin on this new found need to share our lives with strangers. I imagine they use the “party” tag to get their content…with hilarious results, like this one that still makes me chuckle a few days after I first saw it.

Chocolate Pudding Wrestling Aftermath


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “hey, wouldn’t it be awesome to set up a chocolate pudding wrestling tub for hot babes in my basement?”, please consider that you will have to eventually clean up something that looks like a scene from Saw 7: The Rise of Taj.

via Sorry I Missed Your Party: Chocolate Pudding Wrestling Aftermath.