Little Stevie Driehaus puppet has Facebook page

A Marionette puppet that looks like Congressman Steve Driehaus

The NBC News Chief White House Correspondent and Political Director, Chuck Todd, was on Cincinnati NBC affiliate WLWT-TV this evening with local anchor Todd Dykes. During his short interview he said he is watching Ohio’s First Congressional District contest very closely. He said it will be a bellwether for the entire country, not only on yesterday’s health care reform bill, but for many other issues.

The race – between freshman incumbent Steve Driehaus and his former opponent Steve Chabot (who held the seat for 14 years prior) – is going to be hot, no question. And the rhetoric and nastiness has begun and will likely continue to be high throughout the campaign. In fact, it’s gonna get worse.

In that vein, it was just suggested via Facebook’s automatic “friend finder” that I befriend a puppet that bears a resemblance to the Congressman. It is called “Little Stevie Driehaus” and it appears to be a Marionette puppet. The Web page depicts Driehaus has being a puppet of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

Facebook | Little Stevie Driehaus

It is worth noting that Chabot had an over 90 percent record of voting on issues supported by former President George W. Bush when he was in Congress.

Ah, politics…

Note: I was Driehaus’s communications director on his Congressional campaign. I no longer work for him and am not affiliated with him in any way, other than thinking he is a nice guy. Same goes for Chabot, who, notably, told me that I betrayed him in the waning weeks of the 2008 campaign. Still not sure what that meant. I assume he still doesn’t like me, though he did shake my hand and say hello at the 2010 Saint Patrick’s Parade. Chabot and I had a nice working relationship when I was a full-time political reporter. Plus, he went to the same high school as my father, which Dad thinks is pretty cool.