MEDIA ADVISORY Contact: Joe Wessels (513) 549-6397 NOTE: Please do not call the school or the principal directly through tomorrow. Please call Joe Wessels. Just a few quick updates/notes: We have been informed by The White House that an announcement is forthcoming at 11 a.m. EDT tomorrow, Tuesday, May 4, 2010. At this time we […]

Guy attempts to re-claim bike that he thought was his – while it’s on bus bike rack

A man who thought he was re-claiming his stolen bike off a bus rack was told by a bus rider – and the bike’s real owner – he might want to re-think his action. This all happened while I was riding a bus downtown from the University of Cincinnati: While a Cincinnati Metro bus was […]

Parking enforcement officer writes ticket for after 8 – before 8

Just watched as a neighbor of mine got a ticket for parking in an after-8 a.m. truck loading zone along Perry Street in downtown Cincinnati (even though this alley hasn’t been used for loading trucks in probably 30 years). Only problem was it wasn’t after 8 a.m. – even when the officer handed the neighbor […]

Finally. Ross’s Web site is done

I’ll give you this: Me owning a self-storage facility is not exactly what I envisioned as a child when I thought of professions I might like to pursue. Might seem my destiny was already somewhat sealed when Mom and Dad bought the nearly one-acre sized property in Butler County on the site of the former […]

Two reasons why I love fall in Cincinnati (more)

I love fall here in the Midwest. Here are two examples of why. There are more photos I shot recently in a Flickr set. If you would like to visit either of these places, and I would highly recommend it, here is a quick way to do it. To get to Winton Woods. To learn […]

Dr. Bob Hatfield’s 12 tips for healthy intimate relationships

Intimate relationships are just plain not easy. Anyone who purports otherwise is either lying, crazy or has never been in one. I’m not married. I’m 35. Have had my share of relationships and have had my share of disappointments – including some big ones lately. Each new meeting with someone starts with so much promise, […]