Crisis communication comedy

I joined a class this morning on crisis communication for non-profits. There were some good tidbits from the lecture. I was able to get glean some useful information from the talk, and even got the slides from the presentation afterward. Here it is: I mostly like what was said, aside from the “never talk off […]

Tweet Congress: Missing our locally electeds

So, does your Congressional representative or Senator want you to know what’s going on? Well, if you look around the Greater Cincinnati area the answer would be mostly no. Using TweetCongress, an amazingly great use of the Twitter API, you can follow exactly what is going on with your federally-elected officials. What’s even more amazing […]

Driehaus’s Congressional Web site live

Steve Driehaus has his Congressional Web page up and running, though there isn’t much listed on the site yet (plus he has had his new campaign Web site up for a while with it’s new domain name,, suggesting a possible future run for higher office). There is on Driehaus’s Congrssional site, I noticed, a […]

Alice, the fine arts volunteer

Alice, the fine arts volunteer Originally uploaded by hjoew Alice was the No. 1 volunteer for arts events in Cincinnati. If you ever went to a Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra concert, Cincinnati Ballet or Cincinnati Opera performance or volunteered in any way with the local performing arts, you probably saw or met Alice. She was a […]

Enquirer: No Pay For You

Well, this majorly sucks. I can’t believe it is getting as bad as it is getting with no let-up in sight. In a memo distributed today to all non-unionized employees at The Gannet Co., The Enquirer’s parent firm, a top executive announced that workers must take a five-day unpaid furlough from their jobs before the […]

Facebook Lexicon and “Cincinnati”

The Facebook Lexicon is a searhable application tracks the usage of terms used in Facebook on group, profile and wall pages. It’s an endlessly fascinating way to take a bird’s eye view of what people are talking about – and, frankly, what they are not. Because of Facebook’s global scope, I think it’s hard to […]

How I slept last night in 35 seconds

The last two nights previous to last night I awoke in the morning with a horrendous headache. I am a little concerned and think maybe I ought to talk to my doctor about it. However, going to the doctor and telling him that I don’t think I slept right would not exactly have the corrective […]

Go, go Garry

Oh, brother. Here comes the onslaught of those who want to be John Cranley’s Cincinnati City Council replacement. First up, and coming in third (if the Enquirer’s article this morning is any indication) and making a run down the home stretch, Mr. Brian Garry… He just sent out this press release: Community Organizer, lifelong Democrat, […]

Hamilton County Park District — Cincinnati, Ohio

I love the Hamilton County Park District. Having lived in seven different cities in my adult life (and only one as a kid: Cincinnati), I have found that Cincinnati is a pretty good place to live (aside from the climate) thanks to, among many other things, our great city and county park systems. Now, I’ve […]