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In my CityBeat column this week, I get a litte perturbed by the fact that there is a police officer sitting a local hospital recovering from, what it appears, could have been a preventable accident during a recent police chase.

While Gehring sits in a hospital recuperating slowly but surely, we should take his injuries as our lesson on how to fix the problem before something like this happens again — maybe with even a worse result. The local ham radio club is better suited to deal with this type of emergency than our local police officers. That’s unacceptable and needs to change.

via Miscommunication.

Have the right tools to do their job is only half the story. They should. But their inability to communicate could also cost lives in a more serious and widespread emergency. Why wasn’t this fixed with the influx of Homeland Security dollars? A Cincinnati Fire Department tractor trailer that is seldom, if ever, used sits parked. A wonderful communication center with state-of-the-art communications sits in a pricey piece of real estate in Price Hill – and was virtually useless for this very real emergency. What gives?