Free condoms in Northside!

Schaeper’s Pharmacy, my favorite alternative to chain drug stores (it’s locally-owned), is having their 6th Annual Health Fair until 4 pm today in Cincinnati’s Northside neighborhood (Chase and Hamilton avenues).

Besides health screenings, including vision screenings and body mass index screenings (I don’t wanna know, thank you), they are giving away condoms all afternoon.

The woman working the condom booth said a guy just walked by upset that abstinence-only education funding was being cut.

“It didn’t work,” she told him. “But it is amazing that a little piece of latex can save a life.”

Amen. And thank God for finally some rational, realistic public health policy.

Come on up to Northside and say hello to Rick (his dad Jerry Schaeper started the drug store). He is the guy behind the counter putting pills in the little bottles.