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Cincinnati census office opening to be a grand spectacle

Cincinnati Mayor Mark Mallory and Hamilton County Commission President David Pepper are celebrating the opening of the 2010 U.S. Census Cincinnati office with an amazing amount of fanfare.

Here’s the “Who” part of the press release sent out this morning. Note that the regulars are at the beginning, added by an ever-increasing amount of, well, relatively strange folks to be at a census office opening.

Mayor Mark Mallory, Hamilton County Board of Commissioners President David Pepper, Ohio Governor’s Regional Director Brewster Rhoads, Ohio State Representative Denise Driehaus, Director of the U. S. Census Bureau Detroit Region Dwight P. Dean, Cincinnati Local Census Office Manager George Conner, Reverend Doris Hoskins, Lebanon High School Color Guard, Cincinnati Public School of Creative and Performing Arts harpists and vocalist, and a host of Cincinnati and Hamilton County leaders and dignitaries…

Why night have the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra, all the employees of Duke Energy, the Westwood Blue Devils 4th grade softball team, Larry Flynt and the ghosts of Marge Schott and Peanut Jim there, too?

It’s all happening at 2 p.m. today at the local census office, 801 Linn Street, 4th Floor, Cincinnati, Ohio 45203-1603 (map).

I agree the census is important and more important than past city leaders have made it. It just seems like a lot to do for an office of literal bean counters. Funny, too. Might have to go just to see the grand spectacle.

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New blog design: I need one

Ever since I moved Report This! to WordPress a couple years ago, my now-tired Minama Plus theme has served me well. But I envision this blog getting a makeover soon presumably through a new theme. There are several excellent ones out there (notice: not all are free), but which one and all the time involved in switching over is a pain.

Anyone have any suggestions for good themes? Also, locations on the Web for instructions on how to change a theme without going mad with frustation? Or better yet, is anyone even reading this? 🙂

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Sorry I Missed Your Party: Chocolate Pudding Wrestling Aftermath

For the first time in a long time (well, at least since I moved back to Cincinnati in 2003), I didn’t have my annual holiday party. I moved to Mount Washington in September and generally have been not exactly loving living so far away from downtown. To boot, my apartment has walls and smaller rooms – both a new adjust – which didn’t feel very party-friendly.

My friend Maggie tipped me off to a blog I have been enjoying lately called “Sorry I Missed Your Party,” which takes the best of new media sharing through Flickr and puts a very funny spin on this new found need to share our lives with strangers. I imagine they use the “party” tag to get their content…with hilarious results, like this one that still makes me chuckle a few days after I first saw it.

Chocolate Pudding Wrestling Aftermath


If you’ve ever thought to yourself, “hey, wouldn’t it be awesome to set up a chocolate pudding wrestling tub for hot babes in my basement?”, please consider that you will have to eventually clean up something that looks like a scene from Saw 7: The Rise of Taj.

via Sorry I Missed Your Party: Chocolate Pudding Wrestling Aftermath.