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CityBeat column: Let the Segways roll unimpeded

I wrote my column this week in CityBeat about the city’s apparent requirement to tax each Segway that hits a Cincinnati street. Bad, bad idea.

I took a Segway of Ohio – Cincinnati tour Sunday with a friend and we both loved it – and learned a bit about the city.

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Nixon tree infested with bugs

Nixon tree infested with bugs

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In Memorial Grove at Cincinnati’s Eden Park there are trees planted in honor of each President of the United States after they leave office. The tree honoring President Richard M. Nixon had to be chopped down recently after, ironically, it was infested with bugs.

Two exceptions to presidential trees so far: Bill Clinton and George W. Bush. Why? Well, Bush’s tree is coming it just hasn’t been planted yet, I’m told. While Clinton never responded to a courtesy letter from the Cincinnati Park Board notifying him that it would be planted. Other presidents have acknowledged the plantings prior to their tree’s roots being sunk into the ground. But Clinton did not, so park officials never planted it.

Eventually, I’m told through a second-hand source, that a tree will be planted regardless. But, hey, President Clinton, can we get a little acknowledgment here? A letter, a phone call, a visit to town to turn the first shovel of dirt?


Hamilton County Park District — Cincinnati, Ohio

I love the Hamilton County Park District. Having lived in seven different cities in my adult life (and only one as a kid: Cincinnati), I have found that Cincinnati is a pretty good place to live (aside from the climate) thanks to, among many other things, our great city and county park systems.

Now, I’ve always been interested in attending a murder mystery dinner. And wow, the Hamilton County Park District hosts several of them throughout the year…

2009 Murder Mystery Dinners

Enjoy an evening of humor and fun at the Murder Mystery Dinners. These dinner theatre events feature outrageous story lines, plenty of laughs and audience participation as you try to guess “who dunnit” The perpetrator could be one of the actors, a dinner guest at the next table or maybe even you

via Hamilton County Park District — Cincinnati, Ohio.