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Frank Paul Daugherty entry about being canned by WLW

Radio locally sucks. Even little old WAIF-FM, once a great respite for local radio has gone completely down hill. Now, WLW, in an effort to save money (a push made nationally by owner Clear Channel), has cut a big chunk of their staff. John Kiesewetter at the Enquirer has a good round-up of what happened.

But Paul Daugherty, the Enquirer’s incredible sports columnist (and I don’t typically even like sports – but his columns are great) does a great first-person about what happened… Here is an excerpt… link at the end.

At 10 AM Tuesday, I was handed a severance package and shown the door. Literally overnight, I went from being “the future of the radio station” (Parks) to the parking lot. The whole transaction took 5 minutes. Since I’d never been “severed” before, I don’t know if that’s the norm. And obviously, there is no “right” way to do that sort of thing. Regardless, it was entirely classless and, from what I’ve heard from others within ClearChannel Cincinnati, not atypical.

via Cincinnati Enquirer | Cincinnati PluckPersona | Cincinnati.Com.