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Guess what Taco Bell sells?

people in Newport were confused as to what Taco Bell sold so they clarified.

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Taco Bell, according to this sign spotted in Newport, Kentucky, claims that they sell “tacos.” Which means that the popular restaurant chain – that does not sell anything remotely like real Mexican food (well, maybe “remotely”) – should be called “Tacos Bell?”

Fun Thoughts & Observations

Hummers are back! (Bet you’re happy.)

Hummers are back at the Farbach-Werner Nature Preserve in Groesbeck (Colerain Township, near Cincinnati).

This sign is proof why it is always a good idea to run anything written publicly by the sickest, most twisted, perverted minds before releasing it. Otherwise you might get people buying those $5 annual park passes for exactly the wrong reason. Meanwhile, though, I find it pretty funny. HUMMERS!